Sports Drink pH Chart


Sports & Energy Drinks... The Surprising Assassins of pH Balance


FACT: In terms of acid content, sugars and artifical ingredients, most energy drinks are no better for you than sodas.


Energy Drink pH Chart

Product pH Level
LOW under 6.8 =BAD
Cliff Shot Electrolite 3.07
Accelerade 3.86
Cytomax Energy Drink 3.79
Red Bull Energy Drink 3.30
Gatorade Thirst Quencher 3.39
Gatorade Endurance 3.22
Powerbar Endurance 3.89
E Load 4.50
GU2O 4.29
Coffee 5.5







Tap water : : Filtered water : : Reverse Osmosis water : : Bottled water


Did you know that your favorite bottled water could be very acidic?


How Acidic is your favorite bottled water?


How Acidic is your favorite soda?


How Acidic is your favorite sports drink?


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