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I have been using NanoGreens10 for 3 months. Wow, what a great product! NanoGreens is the best tasting greens product I have tried. I take a serving in the morning and keep it available in the office if my energy gets a little low in the afternoon. It is a great 'pick me up'. NanoGreens10 is a product I readily recommend to my patients because I personally enjoy its benefits.

Aaron Bronson, Doctor of Chiropractic
N. Palm Beach, FL

My name is Joan.I work for Dr. Terlep. I am responsible for all the ordering of products for our patients. When we received the samples of NanoGreens in the mail, most of the girls in our office tried the product. We could'nt believe the taste and the energy boost it gave us! We couldn't wait to get the order in so we could buy a canister of it. It is a good product that sells itself. Thanks!

Joan, Chiropractic Assistant, Terlep Chiropractic
Spring Hill, FL

I would like to take a moment to describe the satisfaction we had with your product this summer on a backpacking trip. We were undertaking a multi-day trip in the North Cascades of Washington State. We were attempting to travel 75 plus miles of remote high elevation wilderness in under five days with as light a pack supply as possible. NanoGreens Travel Packets proved to provide lightweight, dependable, high energy, easy to digest natural food supply. Your product is now a staple consideration for future trips!

Dr. Mark T. Huck
Seatac, WA

I just got over this horrendous cold. It took me all of 24 hours to kick it. I am a mouth breather that's battled URI's my whole life. But with NanoGreens I get less colds and they go away much quicker. I am also convinced that I only get a cold because I forget to take my NanoGreens10 a few days before the sickness!

Jeff Gold, DC, PTA
Encinitas, CA. 92024

I love Nano Greens I heard about Nano Greens thru a patient of mine who loves Nano Greens. I tried Nano Greens travel packets for 7 days and just loved the taste, loved the ease of use and convenient packets and I loved the energy!! Now we both love Nano Greens. Thanks so much for making it easy to try Nano Greens and gain better health!

Diane Kelly, LMP
Vancouver, WA

My wife & 3 children drink NanoGreens every morning with breakfast. My 6 yr old daughter, Catharine prefers hers, "stirred not shaken, please!" It's our house hold joke now...she sounds like James Bond, but she doesn't know who 007 is in the 1st place!

I have also sent a picture of my 3 children at a bike race for juniors by the NanoGreens10 display, with medals in hand...

Mark Cincotta, DC, MUAC
Team Chiropractor
BMC Pro Cycling Team
San Diego, CA

Your product is incredible; my wife had 3 bouts of the flu and my resistance and immune system was so boosted by NanoGreens10, I did not get sick once!

As you are aware, I came within 2 points of the Master's Heavy Weight World Championship. I found that NanoGreens10 helped a great deal with my training. I have been invited to the Ringside World Championship in 2008 in Los Vegas in the Spring to again fight to win the belt. I have won 3 silver medals in three years and I am determined to win the gold at 58 years of age!

Terry Witzu, DDS See Video
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

I am a Psoriatic Arthritis patient and am currently choosing products for my health and wellness plan. I found your web site and I cannot emphasize enough how completely impressed I am with everything I have seen and read. Your scientific, full disclosure, no nonsense approach to the material not only educated me but left me stunned. With a world full of advertising hype I have a hard time knowing what to believe but the information you have presented has left me no doubts that your products are probably the best I can possibly hope to obtain for my health.

Thomas Wilson
Springfield, OR

I was introduced to NanoGreens almost one year ago while on a quest to find a great greens/super food supplement. My mother had been introduced to the product by our acupuncturist and she was raving about the taste and the energy it gives her. I was shocked because I did not take my mother for a "super food" kind of gal.

I have tried other supplements before to find them gritty, unmixable, and wholly unpalatable even when mixed full strength with juice or rice milk. WOW, is all I can say! I made it through my FIRST cold and flu season last year without getting sick! This is nothing short of a miracle for me as I typically come down with strep throat or a sinus infection like clockwork right around the holidays. I used to be the type of person who got sick when I was around someone with a cough or a sniffle. NO MORE!!

NanoGreens is the first thing I reach for every morning, and is the ONLY super food supplement that I can mix with water and enjoy the taste without "chugging". I even turn to NanoGreens as an afternoon snack if I start to feel sluggish. It simply gives my body the nutrition it craves, and the energy I need to make it through the day, no matter how long or tough that day may be.

I'm excited to be a newly Licensed Massage Practitioner in Washington State and am overjoyed that I now qualify to be a reseller of this wonderful product! I can't wait to share NanoGreens with clients as I grow and build my practice. I'm a customer for life!

Linda Gravano, BA, LMP
Federal Way, WA

I have had problems in the past with moderately high LDL cholesterol levels with HDL levels were in the low 50's. After using NanoGreens for two months, my LDL was in the normal range and my HDL was in the high 70's. And this was on one serving a day! I have tried a lot of "Green" products, but NanoGreens won the taste test as well as the price per canister test as well!

Inice Gough, DC
Sisters, OR

I first started using NanoGreens for my 2 year old daughter who wasn't so keen on veggies, so I would give it to her in chocolate milk as supplement to the limited veggies she would eat. Then I started to drink it because it was here and found that I enjoy the fact that I am doing something else good for my body / health.

Stuart Ezrin, DC
Newton, MA

When my friends and neighbors got me to try NanoGreens10. I held back just because of what it looked like! But it taste great and even better in Orange juice! I lost 21 pounds and it stayed off. I have a demanding job and it has kept my energy up for the whole 12 hour work days! In fact I use to suffer from migraines' and I have not had one since I started! I recommend NanoGreens10 to everyone that asks!

Brian P. Sullivan USN
San Diego, CA

I am currently stationed in Baghdad serving in the Army. NanoGreens10 was recommended by my chiropractor. I have tried greens products before but always found the taste just horrible. The NanoGreens10 has a very good taste. Additionally I had a coffee habit which has been hard to break. Coffee is not something I should drink in the Iraqi heat of 120 degrees. Since I started taking your product I have quit coffee cold turkey without even the slightest desire to have a cup. I have a tremendous amount of energy now. Great stuff!

Michael Husken, US Army
Redford, MI

"As a member of the BMC pro cycling team, I spend up to 100 days a year living on the road. One of the most challenging aspects of traveling/racing on the road is how and where to get a good nutritious meal. Often times quick and convenient food takes the place of real food. Having NanoGreens10 as one of my traveling staples, I feel confident that my body is getting the nutrients it needs."

Scott Moninger
BMC Pro Cycling Team

Scott was the NCR US points Champ - 2005, Tour of Utah, Winner- 2006, Yellow Jersey for 2 stages of the Redlands Classic -2007. He's currently has the most wins of any active pro rider with 271 career the age of 40!

Here are more testimonials from the BMC Pro Cycling Team:

"I've been getting 2 scoops of Nanogreens in me everyday since you introduced them to us at team camp. I love it! I've been adding a little apple juice to the mix, about 1/4 ratio to water, with a little ice. It's part of my morning routine and my mid-afternoon post ride recovery routine. I think it really helps getting those antioxidents in me. Thanks for getting me acquainted! It's a true romance!" - Jake Rosenberger

"What do I need to do for more Nanogreens. I am hooked!" - Dan Schmatz

"Thank you so much for supporting BMC, inside and out! The NanoGreens10 have been a savior while on the road racing and traveling. The rigors of being a professional athlete sometimes take their toll. But NanoGreens10 have made it possible to insure a good dose of daily greens despite any circumstance. I have noticed an overall increase in my energy level and general sense of well being. Thanks so much!" - Scott Nydam

"I think NanoGreens10 has been an excellent product to help me stay healthy and energized during my hard training sessions and more importantly while I travel on the road. It is always hard to get good healthy food intake while staying in hotels and NanoGreens10 really helps combat that problem." - Michael Sayers

"The NanoGreens are great. I think you can tell if a supplement is working if you start craving it, if your body starts craving it. That's where I'm at, every morning I crave my cup of NanoGreens10. It is one of the best, most beneficial supplements I have ever tried!" - Chad Hartley

"I have enjoyed the NanoGreens. I have been very impressed with the quality and taste." - Ken Hanson

Brian Johnston, President of IART and I decided to strength train for this year's Masters Heavy Weight World Boxing Title. Strength training is not customary in boxing; however, Brian's genius produced a fantastic routine that delivered very quick results... I have never felt this much power, speed and endurance... We have videoed my punch power and speed and my coach, Randy Hill, cannot believe (the) difference. Combined with consuming NanoGreens10 and various other supplements, I am very ready to fight and I predict a victory over all competitors this year (2007).

Terry Witzu, DDS, Silver Medalist 2006, Masters Heavyweight Division, Ringside World Boxing Championship
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

I have had restless leg syndrome for thirty years. My doctors did not know what is was at the time. Now that it is finally published in the media I feel better that I know what I have. I would get up almost every night and exercise my legs.

My chiropractor recommended NanoGreens 10 for health reasons. Little did I know that NanoGreens10 has helped reduce the times I have to get up and exercise my restless legs. I stopped taking it for a few days and the symptoms came back more often. I did it to prove that the NanoGreens10 was the reason why I feel better. I will try taking it two times a day now to see if it will totally eliminate the problem.

Valerie DeMarco
Chiropractic Patient of Dr. Dave Quartell

I started taking NanoGreens10 two months ago. I got it from my chiropractor. I felt great on it and some of my health problems have gotten less or are no longer a bother. I used a lot of green products before but ending up quitting them because of the taste. The taste of your product is fruity. I have it for breakfast.

DONNA, DC Patient
Weiser, ID

NanoGreens10 is a great product. I really love the taste and it gives me a continued energy all day. I'm pleased to offer NanoGreens 10 to my clients at my office. They really seem to like it.

One of the major things I noticed after 6 weeks was my hemorrhoids disappeared! It's been over a year now and they have not returned.

Victoria San Miguel H.H.P.
Massage Therapies, Encinitas Ca.

I have been using NanoGreens10 every day for about 2 1/2 months. It just seemed like a good idea to increase my intake of vegetables and fruits without a particular identified health issue in mind. About a month after I began taking it I realized that the symptom of very dry eyes that would tear & burn at random with increasing frequency over the last two years had disappeared! I have not had even one episode since and I was having occurrences as frequently as a few times a day. NanoGreens10 is the only thing I have done differently in this time. A pleasant surprise!

Deny Clark, Registered Nurse
Richmond, VA

NanoGreens10's high ORAC is superior to any product on the market.It has a nice apple flavor, and after shaking, becomes a nicely textured smoothie. NanoGreens10 provides consistently high energy to help me get through my busy work day. My patients love it too! No one should leave home without it!

I love the convenience of the travel packets too while on vacation and/or going to conferences, where I can put them in my glacial water bottle. Then, I am all set to go! I am always asked what 'green drink' I am drinking, and gift the person with a sampler travel pack as well! Dr. Jan Iwata, Pharm D, DO
Chicago, IL

Hi Biopharma Scientific,

Before NanoGreens10 I was not getting near the amount of veggies in my day I should have. Consequently, I was having HORRENDOUS digestive problems. Since taking NanoGreens10 I have had such relief from indigestion! I am also feeling so much better in general that now I cannot imagine life without my NanoGreens. I even took it on my honeymoon with me! Julie Ann Stoltz, Chiropractic Assistant
Westwood, MA

We use a naturopathic veterinarian who is a strong advocate of raw meat and fresh chopped vegetables for cats and dogs. Our pets love the raw meats, but the vegetables are another story. A few months ago I tried sprinkling NanoGreens10 on our pet's raw meat. Our pet's "snarf" down the NanoGreens10 laced meat without blinking an eye! My vet is totally fine with this happy solution.

K.K. Cash, RN, CHPD
Nashville, TN

I recommend NanoGreens10 on a regular basis. My patients return for new canisters because they like how they feel when using NanoGreens10 daily. I have compared this product to many other products that are carried in our health food store. None even comes close to NanoGreens10 the quality and potency.

Gary Saks, DC
Gaylord, MI

There are a lot of green + fruit mixes out there. But NanoGreens10 is the one that my patients enjoy and thus are consistent and compliant with their supplementation program. The great benefit for me is that my 2 year old daughter enjoys the drink daily and asks for it each meal. This has really increased Kailani's nutritional intake. It sure is great to share a glass with my wife and daughter. As dessert we mix 1/3 water, 1/3 organic apple juice, 1/3 ice with a scoop of NanoGreens10...blend... and spoon it up!

Bruce A Parker, D.C.
Malibu, CA

I have been using NanoGreens10 daily for 2 months now and I am not only hooked, but I am also a believer. I have noticed a definite improvement to my energy supply throughout the day. This has helped me maintain a grueling training schedule, which has in turn helped me become a better/healthier athlete.

Kerri Walsh, 2004 Athens Olympics Gold Medal in beach volleyball, 2 time National Champion indoor volleyball, 2000 Syndey Olympics.

Kerri Walsh

What I love most about NanoGreens10 is the fact that it truly works. It has helped me fundamentally and very simply improve my life and my beach volleyball career simply by implementing it to my daily nutrition plan. I either add it to a shake or to a glass of water and I know that not only am I getting my daily requirements of fruits and veggies, but I am also giving myself a healthy energy boost so I can train myself to be the very best athlete I can be. I recommend it for athletes. I recommend it for life.

Casey Jennings, 1999 National Championship-BYU, AVP Most improved player 2 times, AVP Best Defensive Player, Ranked in the top 3 in the USA for the past 3 years, 2008 Olympic hopeful.

Casey Jennings

I love NanoGreens10 for both my patients and myself. Everyone that I have suggested NanoGreens10 to has really loved it. You truly feel great in many ways after using NanoGreens regularly. You will feel more energetic, better gastrointestinal regulation, and some say they have even noticed a new glow in their skin. Some have noticed some weight loss. What can be better for you than a tremendous dose of fruits and vegetables like this? And it is conveniently packaged into one easy to prepare shake for those of us who are on the go. Not to mention, it tastes great!

Carisa Pearce, MD
Reading, PA

My wife and I have been in the medical profession for over 20 years. We practice what we preach. Besides competing in marathons we make it part of our every day life to spend at least one hour exercising for our health and well being. Nutrition is the other half of the equation. My wife and I stumbled across NanoGreens10 and decided to try it. Four weeks after taking it I began to have more energy. NanoGreens10 definitely made a difference! We have also shared some NanoGreens10 with others and they love it too. They are continually asking for more !!!

Raul Gamez, RCP/RRT
Oceanside, CA

Everyone that starts taking NanoGreens10 for a minimum of one week is absolutely sold on it. It gives more energy and helps your concentration. With no other product that I carry and use have I had as consistently and good of a response!

Regina Coss, D.C
Lewisville, TX

This is the best tasting green product I've ever had and all with just stirring with water! My husband will even drink this on his own in the mornings. I love the mix of ingredients and know I'm healthier from the anti-oxidant power. One patient who travels constantly loves the convenience of NanoGreens10 (Travel Packets). Thank you.

Nancy Kreider, Licensed Acupuncturist
Longview, WA

"Since I started using NanoGreens 10, I have perceived a positive improvement in my immune system that has allowed me to recover faster after my track workouts. Taking NanoGreens 10 twice a day has provided me with the extra vitamins, fruits and vegetables my body requires to complete my training routine."

Jimmy Pino, Colombian Olympian - 2000 Olympic Games (100-200 meter), Nine-time Colombian record holder, Two Time-South American Champion
Coral Gables, FL

"I am 57 and have been training very hard for the Ringside World Boxing Championship in August. I plan on winning the heavyweight belt this year! I have been taking NanoGreens10 for a few months now and I have not since been afflicted by the colds and flues that usually surround my day as a practicing dental surgeon. Recently, I have felt an unusual amount of fatigue. However, after increasing my consumption of NanoGreens10 to twice daily and resting, I am feeling my strength return in just 2 days!"

"I took the convenient foil packages on holiday with me to Cuba. I consumed one package per day with six ounces of water. Despite the increase in calories and reduction in training, I emerged form the holiday without the energy lag that I usually experience. In fact my wife does not use NanoGreens10 and she felt poorly a few days after our return!"

Terry Witzu, DDS, Silver Medalist 2006, Masters Heavyweight Division, Ringside World Boxing Championship
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

"This NanoGreens10 stuff is awesome! I have been taking it over the last 2 months and the results for me have been fantastic. I coach baseball, and find myself throwing 200-300 pitches a couple of times per week during batting practice. I have always had shoulder soreness and work-out recovery has always been slow. I have been on "green" supplements for the past three years, starting with "GREENSFirst" and then "New Greens". Neither of those seem to work for me as well as the NanoGreens10. Since beginning the NanoGreens10 regiment, my shoulder recovers in about 24 hours. Before it was 48 hours at best and lots of Advil. I do not take the Advil any more!

Juan Samartin, baseball coach
Pasadena, CA

"When my husband introduced me to NanoGreens10 I was skeptical. I have had some terrible experiences with foul tasting green drinks in the past. But I am delighted to say that NanoGreens10 is unlike anything I have ever tried... in a good way! It is such a delicious way to start the day, and seems to give my skin a vibrant youthful glow. Now I recommend NanoGreens10 to every client who comes through the office!"

Cheri Reeder, RN
San Diego, CA

" Just to let you know I got a phone call from a friend of a patient who started with NanoGreens10 and cannot believe the results: lost weight, feels great, and wants to talk to her psychiatrist about reducing her medications. She also wants her mother who has diabetes to try it!"

Dr. Jeff Finkelstein
Baldwin, NY

"Thank you again for NanoGreens10. This is the first winter that I did not get sick and the only thing I have done differently is my NanoGreens10 every morning! My daughter, a snow boarder, is now enjoying it; plus a friend that uses our Endless Pool is now taking every morning and loves it, too! "

Karen Klatt, Consultant for DC Products Review
Anderson, SC

"I received the 7 day sample packs and "WOW!"; this is a GREAT product! I cannot wait to give my patients, family, and friends a sample pack! They will undoubtedly have the same reaction and will want to purchase more. Thank you for creating such a healthly and great tasting product to promote health."

Ronald E. Mangie, Jr., D.C.
Youngstown, OH

"I initially ordered the product for myself. I was so impressed with the way it made me feel that I started recommending it to my patients who hated taking supplements three or four times a day. Once my patients feel the benefits, they ask how they can get more. Parents also love the product for those little ones who are finicky about eating their fruits and vegetables, as it tastes good too. NanoGreens10 is remarkable!"

Dr. David Lundgren
London Berry, NH

"I have been using NanoGreens10 in my office for over 2 years. It has increased my energy two-fold and has even actually decreased some grey hair that I have in the past been having. My patients love the taste and usually put a standing order for the next batch that we order so they are assured to get one. My patients feel the results of that much nutrition! Really a phenomenal product!"

Sean Eastman, DC, CCEP, CSFC, CCSP
Toms River, NJ 08755

"NanoGreens10 is an essential part of the dietary supplementation for the KMA Pacific Southwest AAU Karatedo team. It has been a major factor in the performance and recovery for our athletes both in training and in competition. I strongly recommend NanoGreens 10 to all athletes in both enhancing their overall fitness and maintaining optimal health."

Ferdie Allas, Head Coach KMA Pacific Southwest, AAU/USA Karate Team
San Diego, CA

"Every single day in the morning, in the afternoon, and at night we drink our NanoGreens10. This allowed us to keep us away from sickness. Even if we get sick, we could always depend on NanoGreens to allow us to fight the sickness and cure our body faster. This year, just from San Diego, we succeeded in qualifying 9 athletes into the USA National Team to go to the WKC World Championships in Germany. We brought back nine medals! We believe that this result was achieved from the help from the NanoGreens10."

Gakuji Tozaki, Medal Winner, AAU / USA Jr. Karate Team, World Championships, Hannover, Germany 2006
San Diego, CA

"NanoGreens10 has helped me overcome many colds and sicknesses while I was in the process of very intense physical training. It also helped reduce the possibilities of muscle strains and soreness. NanoGreens10 enhanced my physical potential to its fullest extent and helped me regain my strength when I was feeling weak and low on energy."

Rob Gelinas, World Champion, AAU / USA Jr. Karate Team, Hannover, Germany 2006
San Diego, CA

"I do not care much for fruits and veggies. My chiropractor encouraged me to try NanoGreens10. I do feel better, especially about an hour after I drink it. I have a lot more energy! I would encourage others to try it. You have a great product!"

Sherry Stauus, patient of Dr Dennis Topp
Silver Bay , MN

"Aloha Biopharma Scientific! I wanted to send you a note about NanoGreens10. This is some good stuff and I can’t get enough! I love the taste and I keep a fresh cold gallon of water in the refrigerator for my daily mix of NanoGreens10. I live in Hawaii and I consume large quantities of water with the mixture of NanoGreens and maintain a high level of alkalinity in my body, perfect for healing. "

Nick Michaels
Hanalei, Hawaii

"I started taking NanoGreens 10 after my office manager could not stop raving about it. I now know what she was taking about. I take it every morning. I gives me SOOO much energy and I feel less hungry through out the day. The best part is after lunch I don't seem to drag like I used too. I totally recommend this product to everyone I know."

Rebecca McGrath, Billing Specialist, for Dr. Kevin Terry
Puyallup, WA

"I have now been on the NanoGreens10 for 6 weeks and I have noticed increase in my energy and I also have lost 25 pounds!

I now have 12 patients on the product and they love it. All their friends have asked for samples and are going on it. This product is the best of its kind!

I love how easy it is to give a patient a sample pack and brochure and see how fast they want it. All of my patients have told me how wonderful they feel. They are also surprised at how great tasting it is. I have diabetics using Nanogreens10 with Crystal Light and unsweetened ice tea, and other people using OJ and apple juice. The product is wonderful."

Jeff Finkelstein, D.C.
Baldwin, NY

"Since I started taking NanoGreens10 three months ago, I have increased energy, sleep better, am more focused at work, and crave sweets less! I drink it every morning now. It is great to know I am getting all the nutrition I need daily."

Peter Anderson, Office Manager, Family Health and Wellness Acupuncture
Sarasota, FL

"In November I had my gall bladder removed. The recovery was not easy. I am one of those people for whom bile running through my colon is not a happy thing. My surgeon started me on cholestyramine to bind the bile. Shortly after that, my naturopath suggested NanoGreens10 as a nutritional supplement for several different reasons.

After I started on the NanoGreens10, I found that I no longer needed the cholestyramine and have continued to not need it! This week I decided to challenge this by stopping the NanoGreens to see what would happen. Over 4 days, I started experiencing a return of the same sorts of problems that had caused me to need to go on the cholestyramine in the first place."

Adrianne Hanway, cholectomy patient
Redman, Oregon

"We have been making a daily NanoGreens10 smoothie with whey powder, water, blueberries, and various other ingredients. We feel great!"

Susan Greenbaum,
Abstract Water Media Artist
Lake Oswego, OR

"I have so many good inputs from my clients that I am convinced NG10 is currently the best natural health product on the market. Even my brother-in-law had his blood sugar level go down from 123 to 83; and his blood pressure decreased from 153 to 141 after taking NG10 for just a month!"

Eun-Hee Park, PhD in Biochemistry
Los Angeles, CA

"My entire resistance to sickness is remarkable! My children now take NanoGreens daily. Our whole family is feeling vibrant! Thank you, BioPharma, for creating such a wonderful supplement."

Radha Dasa, LMT
Kailua, Hawaii

"Just to let you know I encouraged all the girls in the Radiology office I work at to go online and get NanoGreens10 samples. They did and they love it! One tech actually signed on with you and bought 6 canisters of NanoGreens10 wholesale for us all!"

Deanna Hart, Radiology Office
Clarkston, MI

"I am an avid fan of your product, NanoGreens10. My chiropractor gave it to me. Now I cannot imagine starting my day without it! I am noticing subtle changes that I can only attribute to this product because I have purposefully not made other changes that I could attribute these to."

Right before finding your product, I had been wishing I was more motivated to drink live juices, fresh squeezed. I understand you may or may not claim that NanoGreens10 are equivalent or better than fresh juicing, but when I found them, I felt my intention had been answered!

Jenny Capella, grateful chiropractic patient
Seattle, WA

NanoGreens10 has been a great addition to my practice and my own health regime. With my own personal use I have notice a significant increase in sustained energy and I have dropped 10 pounds without even trying. In my practice I let the patients taste it and NanoGreens10 seems to sell itself. Thanks for making such a high quality product.

Richard A. Mabanta, D.C.
Huntington, New York

Just to let you know I feel NanoGreens10 is excellent. I have been taking it now for 2 weeks and feel more energized. A "side effect" is I am less hungry and have lost 10 pounds without trying! Thank you! I am now recommending it to all my patients.

Dr. Jeff Finkelstein
Baldwin, NY

A patient of mine is 80 and frail and thin from being chemically sensitive to many foods and supplements. She started taking NanoGreens10 and began gaining weight. Her fingernails changed from paper thin to hard. Her energy and stamina improved greatly. She loves it!

Carolyne Yakaboski, DNM
Farmerville, LA

"I have tried many greens products and very few that have had any effect on me. I was told that NanoGreens10 is different so I gave it a shot. Through out the rest of the day I felt a boost of energy. Since I have been taking it I have noticed a big difference in energy and I have been sick less. The product tastes great in water and mixes well in my shakes. I have just placed another order!"

Dr. Steven Zeitchick
Boca Raton, Florida

"Every three or four months I do a five day liver and gallbladder cleanse that requires juice fasting three out of the five days. The last time I did it I had a terrible time with hunger pangs, low energy and feeling lightheaded. When I did the fast again I tried substituting NanoGreens10 in place of fresh organic juices. Well, I had remarkable results! I spaced five or six servings of NanoGreens 10 throughout the day and I zoomed through the fast, felt full of energy, focused and grounded. By the end of the third day of fasting, I was debating whether to continue fasting since I felt so good! While I realize that the product is not intended as a meal replacement, I can see that it can be used as part of a weight loss program. NanoGreens10 really took care of my hunger pangs and gave me the energy I needed. "

Also, NanoGreens 10 is the most popular supplement with my clients!

Stuart Spangenberg, LCSW, CAP, SAP
Melbourne, Florida

I wanted to let everyone know what a wonderful product NanoGreens10 has been for me and others. I was initially turned onto NanoGreens10 because, as most Austinites, I suffer from allergies. With in the first week of taking the NanoGreens10 regularly, I noticed that I was not having to take over-the-counter allergy medicines daily! NanoGreens has drastically reduced my symptoms! Everyone at the doctors office I work for takes it for allergies and to increase their energy levels.

One a side note, my father in law was in a depressive state not eating properly. I gave him a cannister of NanoGreens and quickly he started eating properly again and doing projects on a daily basis. His mood was greatly elevated.

Lastly, I have tried several different "green" drinks and can say, along with opatients and friends, that NanoGreens10 tastes the best far!

Stephanie Ellington, Chiropractic Assistant
Dripping Springs, TX

"I have taken NanoGreens10 for a month now and I am thrilled and amazed at the increase in my level of energy and improvement of mood. I am also sleeping better. Many of my friends have commented on how good I look lately! I am convinced it is the NanoGreens10 and I am sharing my experiences with all my family members, friends and clients."

Theresa Winecki, AFFA
Walnut, CA

"As Admissions Director for the Florida College of Integrative Medicine, I have had many opportunities to try many natural supplements. I must admit that I have had the most results from NanoGreens10! During a two week trial period, I felt fantanstic. I had much more energy. I could sleep better. I could digest better. And my clothes seemed to fit better! "

"I am convinced that my logical thought processes and emotional patterns were also improved. I cannot wait to get started on a lifetime regimen of this wonderful product!"

Jon Diament, Admissions Director for the Florida College of Integrative Medicine
Orlando, FL

"In our practice, we promote good nutrition and organic food. NanoGreens10 is a great addition to every diet! I actually fasted for 5 business days on nothing but NanoGreens10 and green tea. I only got hungry twice and lost 8 pounds. This was on a full schedule, including the gym twice, and I have to say I never felt better! "

Reid Brecke, D.C.
Reno, NV

"Just an update on my remarkable blood chemistry changes b I shared below on 8/10/06. My C-Reactive Protein (CRP), an inflammatory marker, was 7.8, and had dropped to 4.7 (40% drop), has continued to fall and is now 1.5 (normal)!"

Bruce Hughes, Attoney-at-Law
Tustin, CA

"NanoGreens10 was introduced to me by a friend and it is absolutely awesome! I feel 10 years younger using NanoGreens10! I am hooked for life!"

Brad Cantrell
Portland, OR

"I recently started a new position at SynergySystems Fitness Studio. Immediately Director Cathleen Murakami gave me some samples of NanoGreens10 to try out. After only using NanoGreens10 twice, I knew that I had to make it a part of my daily routine! I have never felt better. I have more energy and knowing that I am putting something in my body that had so many benefits, makes me feel great!

I learned quickly that NanoGreens10 does not last long in the studio and I am eagerly awaiting the next shipment. I am also looking forward to passing on some NanoGreens10 samples to my family and friends so they can start benefiting from it as I have!"

Daniel Smith, Fitness Trainer,
Encinitas, CA

"I have tried many different 'greens' products and I am constantly amazed at the profoundness of NanoGreens10. A patient of mine for years has 'tasted' every chemical, i.e.; perfume, pesticides,etc., that she smells. Can you imagine? This very difficult, multiple chemical sensitive patient's symptoms are now eliminated! What an awesome positive 'side effect'!"

Carolyne Yakaboski, PH.D, N.D., RNC, FASA, LMT, DNM, FIBC
Farmerville, LA

" NanoGreens10 is a fantastic way to assist patients in getting their recommended daily dose of 6-9 servings of fruits and vegetables. I use one scoop daily and notice the difference in many ways. Just knowing that I am getting all my phytonutrients is wonderful!"

Dr. Haake, Chiropractor
San Ramon, CA

As a physician I am all too aware of the importance of eating fruits and vegetables. I also know how hard it is to get the optimal levels of these important nutrients. NanoGreens10 seems to give me what I need. What is interesting is the immediate source of energy my wife and I both seem to feel after using NanoGreens10.

Dr. L. Pack, Precision Sports Chiropractic
Greensboro, GA

"We have used NanoGreens10 in our office for over a year now. I continue to be amazed at the difference in the patients who consistently take their Nano's and those who do not. The patients who do take it are obviously much healthier, get colds and flu's less often, and tend to hold their adjustments much better than those patients who do not take the product. My patients who are taking the NanoGreens10 even adjust easier than those who do not. "

Dr. Luke Mayes, Chiropractor
Boise, ID

"I feel very comfortable about carrying such a nutrient dense/ super food nutritional supplements. The taste is great. The price is wonderful...My patients see great results. The company answers every concern and question we have. "

Dr. Ari Kantor. Chiropractor
Greenville, SC

" I have been drinking green drinks for a lot of years. As soon as I tried NanoGreens10 I knew immediately that this was special! There is really no comparison. The taste and the energy is wonderful! I feed my dogs an all natural Biological Active Raw Food Diet (B.A.R.F.). They eat better then most humans. I added 1/2 scoop of NanoGreens10 to their food twice a day and they absolutely love it.Then they try to get my drink! I highly recommend this for anyone who is health conscious and wants more clean energy."

Gale Sansone , Holistic Health Counselor
Kailua Kona, Hawaii

"I have been using NanoGreens10 for my patients for the last 6 months. This is an excellent product that allows patients with significant health problems to improve their nutritional status in an agreeable way. A product that makes compliance easy is very valuable. Poor compliance with regimens that only emphasize highly refined nutritional sources in capsules is difficult for most patients to use on a sustained basis."

"The patients are delighted to incorporate a food product into their regimen. I have been able to limit the total number of therapeutic agents in capsule form by substituting NanoGreens10. NanoGreens10 have become an important part of my nutritional support regimen."

Warren M. Ross, M.D.
Ellicott City, MD

"I am a 35 year old chiropractic physician and mother of two very young daughters. In late September 2005 I had a recurrence of Hodgkin's Lymphoma (stage IV) after less than a year in remission. I was so devastated by the prognosis my doctors gave me and was told I would need additional chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant. I knew my body was so ravaged from the first round of chemo that I was in no shape to start their treatment plan."

"After diligent research I decided to use NanoGreens10 in addition to a healthy diet and prayer. Late that fall I started chemotherapy and the subsequent stem cell transplant. I was told it would be a minimum of 28 days in the hospital for the transplant. I drank my NanoGreens10. I was teased about the 'swamp juice' daily. By the grace of God, I was in and out of the hospital in 16 days! Needless to say, my 'swamp juice' was a hit and everyone was asking about my amazing NanoGreens. It is six months later and I am stronger every day and rebounding to the amazement of my family and physicians. "

Dr. Brenda Miano
Saint Louis, MO, CA

"I grew up in Colorado where allergies for me were bad in every season; dust, weeds, mold, hay, grass, my cat, even our horses.I could not even play in grass or walk through weeds without breaking out in hives. My doctor has prescribed everything under the sun for me to take. I hate taking prescription medicine and if I take Benadryl, I sleep for hours. Two weeks into taking NanoGreens10 and I am allergy free! I can snuggle with my cat, sleep without taking Benadryl and breathe with my mouth shut, a feat that only someone with allergies fully understands!"

Nikki Hugley
San Diego, CA

"A friend from California talked my husband and me into trying NanoGreens10 for a week. I will admit I was initially skeptical. But my husband experiences a sense of 'well-being' about 20 minutes after taking it. As a CRNA it is not unusual for me to be in the operating room for many hours. I was constantly sneaking donuts in just to get through. Now I take the NanoGreens10 drink first thing in the morning, then have my usual breakfast. What a pleasant surprise it was to realize I could last the entire morning without feeling like I was starving! We are so exited, in fact, that we will be telling our family, friends, and co-workers about it."

Patricia Bahr, CRNA
Lufkin, TX

"The first time I took NanoGreens10 in the morning, I felt an 'awakening' of my senses. I started seeing clearer and the alertness I felt in my mind was quite amazing! The heightened sense of well-being is quite tangible. I am recommending the product not only to my clients, but my speed reading students as well!"

Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D.

"I have completed 41 marathons since 1989. I started NanoGreen10 just 5 weeks ago. Already I have noticed more stamina and a feeling of 'lightness' when running. I have more energy with less sleep. My face appears fresher and more youthful. (NanoGreens10 even makes a great face mask!)"

NanoGreens10 is zapping the fat out of my body so fast it is turning me into a "lean, mean, NanoGreens running machine!"

Vikki Richardson, Marathon Athlete
West Covina, CA

"Thank you for NanoGreens10! One of my clients calls it ‘The Best Anti-Aging Product on the Market’ and I agree. A survey of my clients reveals consistent, similar benefits regardless of age, gender, fitness, or health level. Some of the benefits reported consistently are: increased energy, markedly decreased cravings for sweets, fried foods, junk food, improved elimination, weight loss, and decreased recovery time for athletes."

Thank you as well for your GREAT personal customer service and support. I could not ask for more...Great Product! Great Service!”

Sherri Anderson, RN
Rowland Heights, CA

"What NanoGreens10 gives you is what every body needs, full nutrition from the richest superfood sources on the planet! I mean foods like chlorella, spirulina, pomegranate, green and white tea, blueberry, high lycopene tomato, quinoa, kelp, etc! Plus there is no added sugar, preservatives, chemicals, colors, and other filler additives. I start my day with NanoGreens10. Now when people ask how I look so young and healthy I am able to help them eat better immediately! "Here! Try this sample!" Changing habits of clients can be near impossible, but the delicious taste of the NanoGreens10 is something most everyone can do to improve their energy, mental focus, mood, and overall health. "

Gabriela Klein, C.F.I., B.S. Exercise Science/Sports Medicine,
Rowland Heights, CA

"I have tried many different greens products, but none compare in quality or taste. As a registered dietitian I recommend NanoGreens10 to all my patients, who feel much better when they use it. I hope dietitians will recommend this great product to their patients."

VERED KANTOR, MS, RD Clinical Dietitian and Wellness Coordinator
Greenville, SC

"I have been practicing nutritional medicine for 20 years, and I have not come across a better tasting product than NanoGreens10. Great taste and reliable patient compliance. The science is impressive and substantial. I personally take NanoGreens10 daily and notice a positive difference in my well-being. I would highly recommend NanoGreens to all my colleagues, for both themselves and their patients."

Bruce Friend, N.D
Seattle, WA

"I have probably tried every green drink and whole food product available. My cousin was raving about NanoGreens 10. She gave me a sample trave packet and I was hooked! I had instant energy that lasted and a decrease in appetite. I love this product!"

Stacy Reagor
Senoia, GA

"NanoGreens10 provides a better wake-up than coffee as testified by most of my patients. They use it first in the morning and anytime they start to 'drag' a little during the day."

Darlene Esposito, D.C
Manheim, PA

#1) "One of our clients is going through chemo for cancer. I suggested that he try the NanoGreens10. He told me that it would give him such a burst of energy that he would 'feel like Popeye'! You would never know now he has cancer by looking at him or the way he is able to go. He is very pleased! "

#2) "We have another client that has a tremendous metabolism problem. We tried food supplements to get his system balanced. I suggested that he add NanoGreens10. He was amazed as I was also! I didn’t see him for 2 weeks. The first week he lost 5 lbs. and the second week he lost another 5 lbs. He told me that he did not adjust his eating habits and the weight just came off."

#3) "I am also working with a client that was having morning sickness all day. I introduced her to NanoGreens10 and she called me and said that it had stopped her morning sickness. She is so pleased that she ordered 3 more canisters, one for herself and one for her mom and sister!"

Kathy Fisher, ND
St Maries, West Virginia

"I am a business owner and at the same time run a non-profit orphanage in Tijuana. I usually wake up at 5:30 AM and work until 9 or 10 PM. I had been keeping my energy going with RedBulls and lots of coffee. I saw Dr. Karen Anderson for my foot and while talking she shared with me about the NanoGreens10. I thought anything must be better for me than all the sugar and caffeine I had been taking in. I instantly fell in love with this product! I feel vibrant, powerful and I think I am accomplishing more everyday since I do not have to be deal with the sugar or caffeine crashes. This product is amazing and it tastes GREAT! "

Oscar Marin, Businessman
El Cajon, CA

"I was introduced to NanoGreens10 from my acupuncturist, Bertram Furman. I had given up caffeine and was a little too sluggish in the morning. From the first time I tried NanoGreens10 I was hooked! Instantly I felt stronger; I could think more clearly. This is the best I have felt in a long time! I have started to exercise more often because I finally have the energy to do so. "

Michael Diazin, acupuncture patient
San Diego, CA

"For years I have tried just about every green drink and powder I have heard about. As a holistic health consultant I understand their importance to health. Not until NanoGreens came along, however, have I truly CRAVED a greens drink.

Recently I went on a week long camping trip hiking 11 difficult miles up and down along Kauai NaPali coast. How wonderful to have my NanoGreens10 with me as the most nutrient dense food I could have possibly carried! My only regret is that I did not bring even MORE with me, since my body wanted it twice a day and gained so much energy just from drinking it. "

Karuna Thal, Holistic Health Consultant and Practitioner
Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii

"I have tried different green products so I asked my AP what was the best organic greens product on the market. She researched your product and gave me a sample. I realized the difference! My energy level increased and I finally lost the 8 lbs. I had been battling with for years, and in a very short period of time! I like the taste better and the fact that it does not clump like the others. I will definitely continue with NanoGreens10!

Jean Barcewicz,
Bradon, FL L

"I have had a heart attack (with 5 stents!), Menieres syndrome, and glucose intolerance, with a poor blood chemistry to match. So I watch my blood chemistry closely and try to eat healthy. I have tried all sorts of anti-oxidants, DHEA, Hgh, CO-Q10, Ester-C and others, both in combination and alone. When I began to take NanoGreens10 (which tastes good by the way) I waited for 6 weeks to take another blood test. When I got the results back, I thought they must belong to someone else, the blood chemistry change was so remarkable!

The results are as follows, comparing 3/14/06 with 5/6/06:

> Glucose was 132, dropped to 107 (Normal)
> Triglycerides were 264, became 116 (Normal)
> Cholesterol was 203, became 171 (Normal)
> 'Good' HDL at 27, became 32 (19% increase)
> 'Bad' LDL at 123, became 116 ( 6% drop)
> CRP inflammatory marker was 7.8, became 4.7 (40% drop)
> Homocystine (a heart disease risk when high) was 17.6, dropped to 13.6
> Insulin was 55.7, and became 9.2, (demonstrating dramatic reduction in insulin resistance, presuming fasting test.)

There is no other reason for my blood chemistry to have changed so radically except for NanoGreens10. I am telling everyone about your product and sending your web site to all my friends!"

Bruce Hughes, Attoney-at-Law
Tustin, CA

"I was bit with a brown recluse spider over 7 years ago but the bite was not diagnosed properly for 3 years. One year ago, I went to the hospital where my leg suffered Staph, Strep and Pseudonomia bacteria infections. I was in the hospital for 6 days on I.V. antibiotics, plus 2 weeks I.Vs at home. Still my leg had a hole the size of a silver dollar!"

I started on NanoGreens10 the end of May. I have always had to bandaged my leg. But as of 5 days ago, I was down to just a band-aid. For five days now my leg is able to breathe unbandaged! I believe for the first time in over 7 years my leg is being healed from a recluse spider bite from the inside out!

Kathy Fisher, N.D., (304) 684-3900
St Maries, West Virginia

"Throughout my involvement in the Health and Fitness Industry over the past 35-years, no nutritional product has impressed me as much as NanoGreens10. I was initially surprised by its pleasant taste. I was even more amazed by the effect NanoGreens10 had on my arthritic thumbs, knees and feet….I’m now pain free!!! NanoGreens10 also helped me loose 17-lbs in the first 2-months!"

Paul M. Grymkowski, Former President, International Director,Golds Gym Franchising, Inc,

"My friend came to visit me and I tried some of her NanoGreens10. I loved them!! Instantly I felt awake and vibrant. By taking them everyday I have noticed an increase in my energy level. Even my kids have noticed a change in me! I have since found a local doctor so I can continue to take them daily."

Lisa Lehman, Mom
Brooksville, FL

“I have been using NanoGreens10 everyday for the past month. I have more energy, sleep better, my skin looks great and now I crave nutritional food more often than sweets! I have my whole family taking it, including my 13 year old son who hates vegetables! My mother says her arthritis is better and my sister says her sugar imbalances have decreased! Patients are starting to report great results as well."

Rita Anderson, A.P.
Sarasota, Fl

"I have been using NanoGreens10 everyday for the last month, and the results are phenomenal! I have kicked my coffee habit and have stopped eating refined foods. It just happened naturally! The cravings for unhealthy stuff subsided almost instantly. In addition, my skin looks amazing and I have consistent levels of energy all day long. I am recommending all of my patients drink NanoGreens10 every morning to start their day.

Cindy Boyd, D.C., Symmetry Chiropractic
Alameda, CA.

“I suffered many years of diarrhea after I had my gallbaldder taken out. Just one week after being on NanoGreens10 my bowels now work as if I never had my gall bladder removed!"

Jules Dahlberg, Chiropractic Assistant to Dr Brecke
North Bend, OR

“NanoGreens10 is a wonderful nutritional supplement in treating obesity and sugar addiction. Because NanoGreens10 are sweetened with stevia and have a low glycemic rating, it is are also a safe way to allow patients to have something sweet which is actually beneficial to their health."

"One of my patients recovered from Fibromyalgia as a result of completely avoiding concentrated sweeteners for 3 months while enjoying NanoGreens10 daily. She also lost 20 pounds!"

"In my own personal health regime, NanoGreens10 has enabled me to keep up with a busy office schedule followed by evening classes in Karate at the age of 56. Prior to using NanoGreens10 I was spending too much time sitting and was too tired at the end of the day to engage in healthful exercise."

Ráven Sárá, M.S. ED., C.A.E., L.Ac.
Acupuncture and Herb Clinic, Grants Pass, OR

My mother decided to try NanoGreens. After about two weeks she noticed that she felt more agile. She said that she had get down on her knees to look under the bed. Before she was aware she was standing up. She got up from the floor without having to pull herself up. This has not happened since before her hip surgery. Now she is telling everyone. It was funny, she said she got down on the floor and back up because she couldn't believe it really happened!

Eve Henderson, One Stop Health
Clinton, AR

I love my NanoGreens 10. Being a recent Gastric Bypass Surgery patient, my stomach can't hold 10 servings of vegetables in a day so this is perfect for Gastric Bypass patients. I love how great I feel every morning. With hard work and my NanoGreens10, I've increased my morning workout to a 4 mile walk, from only 2 miles a day. I found out about the NanoGreens10 from my podiatrist, Dr. Karen Anderson. She shared with me how much she loved it, and after hearing her story I had to try it. I tell everyone I know about it and most of them have started taking it now also.

Peg Diaz, Gastric Bypass patient
San Diego, Ca

"I have tried many green food products. Most of those taste like came from using a putty knife to scrape the blade deck on a lawnmower! NanoGreens10 is good enough my kid even drinks it, and "like Mikie... he won't eat nothin"! "

Dr. Jim Mattern, DC, Chiropractor
La Habra, CA

"I have tried a lot of different green food supplements over the years. Last week, I was introduced to NanoGreens10 and this is the green food powder that I will be using now! NanoGreens10 has a great taste and I feel calm, satisfied and energized all at the same time! "

Light Hearts International
Novato, CA

"A recent Leukemia patient with a very acidic system, weakness and fatigue felt increased energy and an overall feeling of well being within 3 days of taking NanoGreens10."

Dr. Gary Saks
Gaylord, MI

I was not sure about the the NanoGreens10 at first. So I did some research and decided to try it. As professional baseball player I try keep my body and game at peak performance at all times. NanoGreens10 does that, I felt a difference in a matter of a week. It tastes pretty good too!"

Brian Mazone, Professional Baseball Player
Oceanside , CA

" I have been consistently taking NanoGreens10 every morning for the last two and a half months. As a result I have more energy. I feel like I had breakfast and do not need to eat anything else in the morning. For the past five years I have had a skin problem that is much better now!"

Darla Rideaux, patient at the Complete Wellness Foundation
Torrance, CA

My patient diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is using NanoGreens10 twice daily and reports that "everything is working better and I feel I have a new lease on life!"

Dr. Beth Davis
Madras, OR

My wife and I were instantly impressed with the energy boost NanoGreens10 provided us. We are all amazed that a greens drink can taste so good! We decided we had to offer it to our patients as well.

NanoGreens10 kept us well during cold and flu season and keeps us feeling great all year long. Thank you for providing such an exquisite product!

Brian C. Mulhall, DC, CCSP, CSCS
Fort Worth, TX

After all my research, I cannot find a better product to help maintain optimal wellness. I and my family enjoy NanoGreens10 and I recommend it to all my patients!

Dr. Trevor Clarke
Medicine Hat, Alberta

I have just recently started NanoGreens10. I am very pleased with the decrease in inflammation that I have noticed already!"

Jon Folkers, Fulltime Student
Larimore, North Dakota, .

I have used NanoGreens10 for a few months now. I have enjoyed more energy with less appetite!

Trurina Cummings, PhD
Torrance, CA

I have been so impressed with NanoGreens10. I have tried many 'greens powders'. Now, I cannot do without my NanoGreens! It keeps my energy up thru long days.

The patient that convinced me how great NanoGreens10 really is has multiple chemical sensitivities. She tastes a lot of things that she smells, even perfume! Since being on this product she no longer tastes these chemicals, after 15 years. Amazing! ".

Dr. Carolyne Yakaboski, NMD.
Farmerville, LA

"For years I have taken supplements, but the only product I take regularly and endorse with conviction is NanoGreens 10. Not being a big vegetable eater within a week I could feel the difference! Let me state emphatically that my overall sense of vitality and my immune response has improved!

Brian D. Johnston, Director of Education and President, International Association of Resistance Trainers
Sudbury, Ontario, CANADA

" When I drink NanoGreens10, I feel it right away! Within 30 minutes I notice I have more energy and mental clarity. I like the taste also. I recommend NanoGreens10 to all my patients!

C.M. Hoogendoorn, D.C.
Manteca, CA.

"I love NanoGreens10! When I take it, I have more energy and clearer, sharper brain power. After a workout, using NanoGreens10 keeps my joints from getting sore.

Dr. John Grumish
Bourbonnais, Illinois.

"One of our patients started NanoGreens10 first thing in the morning. He felt so much energy he no longer needed to eat his heavy breakfast. He lost 10 pounds with the first can!"

Steven Dubey, ND, L. Ac
Lihoe, Hawaii

"I have used various 'green superfood' formulas in my office for years, as they have such widespread appeal, and most people know they do not consume enough plant-based foods and their accompanying phytonutrient/antioxidants. There is even a popular brand I had a hand in formulating."

Problem with most all of the competition is that they either use inferior raw materials or taste bad. NanoGreens10 has the right combination of quality ingredients, easy solubilty, good taste and the best delivery system I have seen. You have a winner!

Greg Barsten, DC, NMD, CCN
Los Gatos, CA

"I had been using and selling the Metagreens from Oasis for many years. But I have found NanoGreens10 far superior in both taste and results! "

Heather Sansone, L.Ac, Dipl.Ac
Honolulu, HI

"I have used and recommended another proprietary phytonutrient 'green' product for the past ten years. When I have compared it to other products it always won out until NanoGreens10 came along. I consider NanoGreens10 to have a good taste when mixed with water which avoids the carb loading required when mixing with juice. The science performed by independent labs demonstrates superior bioavailability and an enhanced antioxidant effect."

Barry Morgan, MD, Summit Occupational Medicine
Newnan, GA

"I had been using another leading, good tasting greens product (of which I am certain you and Dr. Howe are familiar) for the last two years. I switched to NanoGreens10 because of the much more impressive research results and studies. I am an evidence based practitioner and careful about the products I endorse. I receive positive feedback from my patients who say they love the energy and the taste."

Brian Wright, D.C.
Gilbert, AZ

"I sponsor a girl in the Philippines who suffers malnutrition. I have been sending her NanoGreens10 as part of a care package. She has been doing very well on it. Her health has improved so much that her mother sent a picture to me."

Dr. Jake Bordelon
Houma, LA

"NanoGreens10 is the best nutritional supplement I have ever tried! I love the apple flavor, the way NanoGreens 10 mixes so easily, and the instant energy...My cravings for junk food have decreased a lot. Thanks a lot!"

Debra Johnson, K-12 Cafeteria
Thibodaux, LA

"Trying NanoGreens10 personally and recommending it to my patients, I soon realized that NanoGreens10 is special...My son was falling asleep in school and failing. Now he is alert and doing much better. NanoGreens10 is worth the price!"

Dr. Mitchell Ezrin
Commack, NY

"I love your product! I have been practicing nutrition counseling for over 10 years, and this is the best green product I have ever used! It tastes great, offers a whopping dose of phytonutrients, and energetically it is wonderful. This is the first greens product that I have been able to stay compliant with!"

Judy Loring, C.N.
Navato, CA, VT

"Not only is the taste of NanoGreens10 far superior, there is a definite difference when I do and do not take it... What a difference food-based nutrition makes compared to man-made supplements."

Dr. Luke Mayes
Boise, ID

"I was thoroughly impressed by with the quality and love the green apple flavor. The real surprise happened when I realized I was losing less hair only about half as much as I was accustomed to losing. "

Merry Hutter, C.N.
Bristol, VT

"...As much as I know the health benefits of these green drinks, and have literally forced down many different brands over the years, I had concluded that despite their great rewards, no greens drink was palatable...until now, thanks to NanoGreens10! I believe my best testimonial for the great taste is that my three young children drink NanoGreens10, and... they always will!"

Nancy Cerniglia, CNC,CNHP
Hackettstown, NJ

"I have suffered from chronic illness and pain for most of my life, which caused me to take all kinds of supplements to provide fruit and vegetable daily intake. Without a doubt, NanoGreens10 is the Rolls Royce of them all! NanoGreens10 tastes delightfully good... gives me a burst of energy...(I have been suffering from chronic fatigue)... such a high-quality product... at such a reasonable price!"

"I love it so much I had sample packets sent to my relative and friends for them to try and see for themselves!"

Rachel Cox,
Jacksboro, TX

"A couple of National Pitching Association employees have tried the NanoGreens10 product and really like it. They are excited about the benefits as well as the fact that it tastes pretty good!"

Tom House, Co Author, "The Pitching Bible"
San Diego, CA,

"I started taking NanoGreens10 four months ago and I love it! I feel so much better when I take it... I think it also is helping me lose weight. I have lost 20 lbs and went from a size 18 to size 14! So thanks to my Chiropractor for me trying NanoGreens10"

Hilda Kraemer, Chiropractic Patient
Vacherie, LA

"The ever expanding appreciation concerning the import of natural plant-based nutrients compounds in the optimal genetic expression of our diverse biochemical, cellular and organ systems is no longer controversial. We are part of Nature. We now see that her vast array of nutriture is indispensable to garnering our full genetic potential. I have yet to see a plant-based supplement with the quantity, quality, and system of delivery as NanoGreens10 in my 25 years of practice. "

Eric Olkkola, DC, CCST, C.Ad. MD, ABAAHP
Reno, NV,

"NanoGreens10 is by far the best alternative supplement I've found to be biochemically comparable to the real source. I would recommend this product for anybody who wants to add nutritional support for themselves and their patients. Thank you for your research and technology to keep up with today's health demands."

Brooksie Ash,DC,RD,LDN
Houma, LA

"I practice in a town with a population whose mean average age is 62 years old. Most of my clients have digestive problems. They do not like to swallow more pills. I am very pleased with the feedback I am getting on the NanoGreens10, especially since it is the first time many of these people are taking a green powder product. I have a positive vision for this product in my practice. Also my husband never liked "the greens" but this one he is taking on a regular basis, as am I and my father. At our juice bar the customers see my cylinder right there. I really like this product!"

Lalita Surrey, CN
North Arlington, NJ

"I use NanoGreens10 for three reasons: First, it tastes good and makes me feel good. Second, my research proves your product is the best, and third, BioPharma could answer all my questions. My patients love the taste and the energy. Personally, I have more energy, better bowels and clearer thinking. In the past I have taken many vitamins and several greens products, but NanoGreens10 is the best yet. I am proud to recommend NanoGreens10 to my patients and am pleased with their expressed satisfaction as well."

Dr. Shawn Lorenzen
Rohnert, CA

"Since I have introduced NanoGreens10 to my patients I have had a hard time keeping it in stock! My patient compliance to their nutritional program has sky rocketed. They love the results...thank you for such a "user friendly" supplement. "

Dr. Laurie Mestdagh
Columbia, IL

"I love green you know how long it would take me to juice something comparable to NanoGreens10? Out of all of the very fine green drinks I have used over the years, NanoGreens10 is the BEST in every overall category: quality, taste, how I feel after enjoying my morning glass! This is an exceptional supplement."

S.R. Cole
Sedona, AZ

"I must admit I was skeptical at first. As a professional baseball player we get supplements to try all the time. I did my homework on NanoGreens10 and found it had many ingredients that I need to excel at 100% for a long duration of time. I have been taking it now for about one month and I could not be happier with the way I feel. Thanks! "

Dan Giese
Philadelphia Phillies

"I start each morning of my life with NanoGreens10. I have tried many different greens products, but none compare in taste and quality. My family loves it too! I recommend NanoGreens10 to anyone who wants to enjoy optimum wellness."

Wayne Dyer, PhD, Internationally renowned author and speaker
Maui, Hawaii

"Since I have stared the NanoGreens10 not only have I seen a difference in myself, but also in my patients. I have a patient who is 91 years old and was very lethargic and was unable to do her everyday normal activity without feeling tired and rundown. She has been on the NanoGreens10 for a few months now and is vibrant as ever. She is going on daily walks, taking dance classes, and is involved in many activities at the local senior center!"

Dr. Scott Hanrichs
Timberland Chiropractic

"I am currently undergoing chemo therapy for a malignant brain tumor and my chiropractor let me taste your product. I was initially skeptical of what it could do but I decided to try it with permission from my neuro-oncologist. After the second day of use I actually started to feel great. I am still an avid road cyclist,riding 15 to miles per day. I take it after my ride for recovery in the morning and in the afternoon instead of coffee. Also my blood test results bounced back nicely (after chemo) since I started NanoGreens10. An added benefit, my wife no longer 'reminds' me I have to eat all my vegetables!"

Mike Davis
Coral Springs, Florida

"I am an Acupuncturist in Florida and have been purchasing NanoGreens10 and love it! Congratulations on the best greens product on the market!"

Tony Willcox, AP
Boca Raton , Florida

"My testing in the office (EAV, blood chemistry, HRV and kinesiology) confirms my initial impression of NanoGreens10 - tremendous! I have been a BIG GREENS seller and user for a long time, but the NanoGreens10 seems to beat it in nearly every important category: better scientific support, better patient literature, better marketing ability, better customer service, better quality raw materials AND better delivery system. Wow!"

Greg Barsten, DC, CCN, DACBN
Los Gatos, CA

" We are proud to publish the Two Time Beach Volley Ball Olympians 2005 Season Summary Report of Lina and Petia. Their record is as follows: 1st place, 3 times; Final Four Finishes, 2 times; Top Ten Finishes, 5 times! Here is what Lina and Petia also report, "NanoGreens10 has become a part of our daily routine, we take it every morning, first thing, to start each day on the right foot and we like the way we feel."

Lina Yanchulova, Petia Yanchulova
2-time Olympians - Beach Volleyball

"We were hesitant to bring NanoGreens10 into the office as our first GREENS was such a huge hit. We received the sample packets of NanoGreens10 and began with handing out a few samples for people to try."

"One client complained that when he took green formulas his stomach hurt. NanoGreen10 was the first formula that didn't hurt his stomach, so obviously it is much more easily assimilated than others on the market. The samples sell the product, and I feel very good about carrying such a nutrient dense nutritional food."

Bobbi Conner, CNC
Paso Robles, CA

"I have been using NanoGreens10 in my nutrition based wellness practice for 3 months now. I had been a loyal supporter for over 18 months of another GREENS... NanoGreens10 leaves them for dead in two very important areas: Taste and Comprehensive Organic Nutritional Profile with superior anti-oxident values."

"Every single new patient that I see gets a sample while they are filling out paperwork. They are sent home with two travel packets to sample with their family. I hand them an article that I've written on our poor quality nutrient lacking diet. The next day at their report they are told that taking this product is a mandatory part of their treatment in my office. Patients love it. I have a loyal patient base that I may see every other month for care, and every month they come in and get their NanoGreens. We alway give one NG10 shaker cup to each patient they really appreciate it."

I have seen my clinical results increase dramatically and in a shorter time frame. For less than the cost of a Star Bucks per day you can't afford not to take this product. Even my 18 month old daughter loves it!

K Andrew Shepherd BCom. DC. CCN.
Dallas, Tx

"I knew from my first swallow of NanoGreens10 that I would make a habit of it, and that I wanted all of my psychotherapy clients to drink it, too! I have been researching the necessity of good biochemistry for those who are healing emotionally. Physical healing provokes emotional detoxification, as well as physical. In contrast to other foods and practices I recommend to clients, one sample of NanoGreens10 has automatically converted almost everyone to it's use. Biopharma has offered to teach me how to sell NanoGreens10, but, really, there is nothing to learn! Just take it yourself and hand out packets!

My husband and I gave up coffee as an antidote to afternoon downturn a long time ago. Now I find that NanoGreens10 is infinitely better in reestablishing liveliness and emotional energy, too. Psychotherapists can help their clients as much as medical professionals by introducing this product."

Dr. Anne S. Hastings, Psychotherapist
Kilauea, HI

"I implemented NanoGreens10 into my practice 3 months ago and it has revolutionized the nutritional portion of my practice. Bio Pharma Scientific has an EASY IMPLEMENTATION SYSTEM that was easy to understand and more importantly, it is easy to explain the products benefits to my patients. Everyone knows that they are supposed to eat fruits and vegetables but 99% of us do not eat a fraction of the recommended daily requirements. Therefore, it is a blessing for your patients to have a tasty beverage that has the equivalent of eating 10 fruits and green leafy vegetables.

More importantly the product mixes well and is able to pass through a sippy cup which means no chunks at the bottom. I give taste tests in my office 3 times per week and 7 out of 10 patients buy my product for the taste and the energy received from 10 fruits and vegetables."

Jake Bordelon, D.C.
Houma, La.

"One of our patients has a husband who had a liver disorder and developed cancer. He was about to go onto some sort of injections for the cancer which would in turn destroy his liver. He is drinking two NanoGreens10 a day and has greatly improved and does not have to take the shots...I am finding I am getting my strength back with the NanoGreens10 after my triple bypass. (Since my bypass)food is of no interest to me and the NanoGreens10 has helped keep my energy level and nutrition up."

Dr Brenda Montgomery
Camden, TN

"As a professional athlete and fitness model, I love the instant energy I get from NanoGreens10! The product helps to provide me the nutritional foundation I can count on, especially when competing and having a busy travel schedule.

It is assuring to know I am getting the variety of phytonutrients equal to 10 servings of organic fruits and vegetables from a product I can trust. I would highly recommend NanoGreens10 to athletes and non athletes alike."

Anna Larsson, IFBB Figure Pro Champion Athlete and Fitness Model
Certified Sports Nutritionist, Certified Athletic Trainer

"I have been using NanoGreens10 for 2 weeks now. I have noticed a dramatic difference in my energy levels within just a few days. I also do not get hungry as often and my junk food cravings have diminished significantly. This is a perfect supplement for those interested in losing weight. I also like this product because of its fresh taste and how it mixes so easily in water. "

Chau Tran, CRNA
Happy Valley, Oregon

"My name is Truina L. Cummings, ND, PhD, the President and CEO of the Complete Wellness Foundation, Inc. I have been using NanoGreens10 for approximately 2 months and have noticed a dramatic improvement in my overall health. I am going through menopause and since I have been taking NanoGreens10, I rarely have any hot flashes. I have more energy and my memory and mental sharpness has greatly improved!

I carry this product in my office and have recommended it to my clients. I plan to take NanoGreens10 for the rest of my life. The benefits are great and the product delivers its promises."

Tuina Cummings, ND, PhD
LA, California

"My CA, Linda Bjork, and I first began using NanoGreens10 in December, 2005. We, along with our patients, all liked the taste and the fact that NanoGreens10 is so easy and pleasant to drink, not thick or strong smelling. The most beneficial thing about NanoGreens10 is the immediate increase in energy!"

Andrew Kong, D.C.
Rockford, IL

"My chiropractor recently introduced me to NanoGreens10. I have massive chronic muscle spasms and adhesions of unknown origin and have recently been consuming 0.25 tsp organic sea salt twice per day, which has improved my condition. When I added NanoGreens10, it appeared to interact with the salt causing me to feel dizzy and generally out of sorts. I stopped taking the salt and am now doing very well with just NanoGreens10. I have taken other brands of greens before but none had the concentrated beneficial effects of NanoGreens10!"

Bob Borgerdling
New Haven, CT

"Just a little note to let you know how much I enjoyed your product. I have used another GREENS for 3 months with satisfactory results, but one canister of your NanoGreens10 made me a loyal customer. I could actually feel the cleansing nutritive energy after my first dose. Forget coffee! Give me my NanoGreens10 for the perfect way to start my day. No adrenal stress, no crash in the afternoon. Thank you for making such a great product and for making my day, after day, after day! Enclosed, please find my order for a case."

Dr. Rick Dubas
Gainesville, FL

"I have been suffering with IBS and Colitis for 5 years now. My gastroenterologist had me taking prescription medication. I was at a Chiropractic seminar when I found out about NanoGreens10. It sounded like a great supplement, and it had a great taste.

Two days after taking the product I felt a 100 percent increase in energy, so much so that I actually cleaned the house. If you ask my wife she will tell you that never happens! I have been taking NanoGreens10 for 1 month now and not only do I still feel more energy, I have been symptom free with my IBS and Colitis! That is something that I never dreamed would ever happen.

NanoGreens10 has given me my life back. If I did not already have a rewarding job, I would make BioPharma hire me so I could help promote this great product.

Thank you so much for NanoGreens10. It is a lifesaver!"

Eric Dobransky
Canton, OH

"NanoGreens10 is an answer to prayer! For over two decades, I have burdened my body with intensely stressful living. So, I joined New Life Chiropractic Club. For four and a half years, I was adjusted several times per week and made significant changes to my diet. Miraculously, much of my body pain and nasal congestion significantly improved, but the chronic fatigue was undeniably still there.

I then purchased a stationary bicycle and turned to supplements to super charge my depleted system, but it did not help my fatigue.

Then, my chiropractor recommended that my 80-year-old, diabetic father with Alzheimers disease take NanoGreens10. Within four weeks, the entire family saw a significant difference in his overall appearance and strength!

So naturally, I wondered if this could be viable solution to my 'energy crisis'. NanoGreens10 gives me an instant, steady stream of energy as soon as I drink it! I am never jittery, as with coffee, nor do I crash or crave sugar.

I am extremely thankful for waking up refreshed in the morning. You can not imagine the depth of my gratitude!"

Cristina Conte Musibay. LCSW

"When I look for products to provide to my patients I like to do my due diligence and research the company, their choice of ingredients, and their manufacturing process before I introduce it into my practice. I was very pleased and impressed to find that BioPharma Scientific has spared no expense in creating NanoGreens10. The team of prominent MD's, PhD's, DC's, and CCN's on the Board of Advisors is not commonly seen in the supplement industry and the ingredients are of superior quality. In addition, NanoGreens10 is manufactured in a cGMP, ISO9001, FDA, and organic approved facility. "

Ron Rothenberg, MD.
Founder California Health Span Institute, author "Forever Ageless"
Encinitas, CA

"All healing takes place from the inside out. NanoGreens10 provides patients with optimal support for both wellness and rapid recovery from procedures. This product is an easy way to boost the healing response and ensure optimal outcomes."

Mark J. Tager, MD.
Author: PowerSource, Working Well
Palo Alto, CA

"I began using NanoGreens10 six months ago after receiving free samples. I used to use another GREENS, but my patients love the taste of NanoGreens10 and it is overall a superior product. I have found NanoGreens10 a great detoxification and gastro-intestinal support product."

John Ennen, DC
Tustin, CA

"As Olympians, we are expected to perform at our optimum every day. We have this expectation from ourselves. We expect nothing but the best from our soul, mind, and body. NanoGreens10 ensures that we have the essential nutrients our bodies need when we train, travel, and compete."

Lina Yanchulova, Petia Yanchulova
2-time Olympians - Beach Volleyball

"I just finished my first month's worth of NanoGreens10 and I can't believe my decrease in recovery time! After doing only a handful of Pro 1, 2 road races, my quick recovery time has shown through at the Autour du Lac in LaGrange, Georgia. The entire weekend was over 6 hours of maximum effort racing in less than 24 hours. So you can see why recovery is key! I firmly believe NanoGreens10 played a large part in my success."

Tyler Grahovec
Pacesetter Steel Service Cycling Team
Category 2, Expert

"I began using NanoGreens10 two months ago. I had tried another GREENS and thought this would be a similar product. I like getting the phytonutrition of 10 servings of fruits and vegetables. I have tried other products but like the taste of NanoGreens10 the most."

Paul. R. Ewert, DC
New Hampton, IA

"I have been using Nanogreens personally since mid Sept. I have sold this product in this office with great success. My sister's blood pressure has reduced, decreased reflux syndrome, and overall sweet cravings decreased. My husband and myself have a general overall sense of well being. We have long hours and quite a bit of stress which I feel is not dragging us down. Our energy level has improved. Patients are responding to this product with great results from I.B.S. syndrome."

Dr Brenda Montgomery
Camden, TN

"I am 52 and just began running last year. I have been increasing my mileage and struggling with muscle spasms and achy legs even in short distances like 3 miles. Taking the sample of NanoGreens eliminated my muscle soreness and spasms. Then 2 weeks ago on vacation I got lost while running and ended up going 15 miles [ more than twice my greatest distance to date]. I had no soreness or spasm in spite of the sudden increase. Thank you NanoGreens."

Timothy Barr D.C.
Nashville, TN 47448

"I first began using NanoGreens10 when it came out and I had received my sample. I was using another Greens user and saw that the original creators of that first greens found new technology and from that had derived a new product. My patients really like not only the taste but the quality of the product as well. The benefit I have noticed after taking NanoGreens10 is general good health all around. I have used other homeopathic and herbal tinctures in the past but by comparison your product has the best over all taste and quality."

Dr. Steve Jennings
Rennsselaer, IN

"The NanoGreens formula is the closest thing to freshly juiced foods I've ever tried. It definitely has that "live food" quality that keeps my energy high while alkalizing my system for the rest of the day. It's an easy, effective, and simple approach to getting all of your basic nutrients, in its natural food form, in a glass of water."

Heith Root, DC, FIAMA, DACNB
San Antonio, TX

"I have been using the NanoGreens10 for 30 days. In all my years of taking vitamins and herbs I can honestly say that I feel like I have more energy just with the NanoGreens10. It's a great product and I am recommending it to all my patients!"

Linda Spencer, LAc,
Downingtown, PA

"I switched to NanoGreens10 from another GREENS 3 weeks prior to the 2005 Sacramento Pro Fitness contest. I have been an avid user of another GREENS for a few years and loved the results I gained from it. In the few months prior to sampling NanoGreens10 for the first time, I noticed a significant down grade in the effect of my FirstGREENS as well as the taste. (This was after you and Dr Howe had left that company). The taste of NanoGreens10 is not even comparable to other products on the market, not to mention the LIVE nutrient ratio is greater than any other."

"I switched to NanoGreens10 from another greens product. The taste of NanoGreens10 is not even comparable to other products on the market, not to mention the LIVE nutrient ratio is greater than any other."

Brittany Thorsch, IFBB Professional Fitness Competitor/ Model
ISSA Certified Personal Trainer/ Specialist in Performance Nutrition
Owner of Brick Bodies, Fitness and Image Consulting

"Yesterday afternoon I fell off the wagon. There were these cream cheese brownies. YUMMY ... Oh my... Now usually when I do something like this I pay with a crash and burn of blood sugar, getting tired and all. The price is substantial! Well yesterday I had two glasses of Nanogreens10 before noon.

Then a miracle occurred. After eating the brownies my sugar went a little wonky but then (this is amazing!) I suddenly had the urge to exercise! Me the URGE to EXERCISE? Well I took advantage of that and put in an hours worth of gentle exercise and it felt good. Big time! I exercised again today. What a wonderful product and a wonderful result!

I think this stuff is so powerful and so good. I am simply amazed! Everyone should try this stuff! You guys may have found a way to package the fountain of youth. Excellent nutrition!

Mark Massey, Adjunct Professor,
International Academy of Design and Technology
Tampa, FL

"I have been taking product for 5 days now....amazingly, my arthritis has improved!!! Unreal!! So far I have taken 1 scoop per day in the early AM."

Mike Burgener,CPT
Owner Mike Gym
USA Weight Lifting Regional Center,

"I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the NanoGreens10 product-it is awesome! I can only imagine the work and prayer that went into such a wonderful product-good for you,you must be very proud of your accomplishment!"

James Rouse, ND
Founder and CEO, Optimum Wellness

"I knew before I tasted NanoGreens10 that it was more than a great product. I read labels and I investigate ingredients. Taste is not a real consideration for me. If it improves the quality of my life, I will find a way to disguise any medicinal or "grassy" taste. But no need here. NanoGreens10 has a delicious flavor. I have four generations enjoying it. My grandkids ask for it. Their parents never miss a day. And my 92 year old mother swears by it. She likes the taste too, but more than that, she is more alert and she'll be the first to tell you her energy level is higher than in years. Thank you...we love it."

Joe Bauer
Health Talk Radio Host
San Diego, CA

"My patients tell me they love the extra energy boost they get from NanoGreens10, Fruits and Vegetables to the Power of 10. They look happier, crave less sugar, and are able to exercise more. It's often difficult for them to get enough high-quality fruits and vegetables in their diets- NanoGreens10 makes it easy for them! I feel this is the most important product I could provide for my patients."

Chantelle DeShazer, L.Ac. Dipl. N.B.A.O
San Diego, CA

"I faithfully take NanoGreens10 in the AM with my vitamins. The boost allows me to begin my day with energy, vitality, and no food cravings! In the late afternoon - when I need a burst of energy - I again take NanoGreens. No longer am I starving around 7 PM. Evenings are my weak point to eat and because of NanoGreens I am able to control my evening snack habit. My skin appears brighter and my eyes have a sparkle!

In my Medical Aesthetics practice, taking care of patients before and after plastic surgery, I have the opportunity to incorporate NanoGreens10 in my food plan. A healthy patient heals faster! Thank you!

Joyce Weaver
San Diego, CA

"I have been taking NanoGreens10 for two weeks and not only do they taste good just mixed with water, but I have already started to notice the difference. I feel more invigorated, have more energy and no longer crave snacks in the morning. I do not take vitamins and do not eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables, so NanoGreens10 helps to fill the void! For fitness reasons, I race walk twice a week. This past Sunday, I had my fastest mile ever on the last mile of an 8-mile walk. I highly recommend NanoGreens10 for everyone!"

Jim Weaver
San Diego, CA

"I received my NanoGreens10 on Monday, and just tried it today. My mother tried it as well. I came back from the clinic to home for lunch, and felt good. My mother felt very good as well. So far I'm sold on the product!"

Marvin Morris
M.L. Morris Acupuncture PC
Shirley, Long Island, New York

"Thank you for NanoGreens10. Before work I mix my NanoGreens10, take my daily vitamins, and enjoy the great taste. I do feel more energetic already! It's comforting to know I am getting the nutrients I need when I can't consume the greens and veggies each day. At the age of 54 and very active in recreational sports, my body needs all the nutrients and antioxidants it can get. Thanks for a great product!"

Joe Wulff
V.P. Wulff Corporation
Escondido, CA

"Many thanks to you for letting me sample NanoGreens10. I usually expect something that is so good for me to taste like freshly mown hay, but it was absolutely delicious! I immediately felt more focused, and I experienced a rush of energy that sustained me for the rest of the day, and it was a very long day, indeed! I am drinking your product every morning now. I'm sure you'll be hearing from me when I run out!"

Marilyn M.
Notary Public
Orange County, CA

"How very exciting! Using nanotechnology as a delivery system for whole food nutrition makes perfect sense on so many levels. Congratulations, on being the first to make such a ground breaking leap!"

Kathy Cash, RN
Certified Health Promotion Director and Wellness Program Consultant
Nashville, Tennessee

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